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Sustainability, Made Affordable

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a renowned property developer and construction company, as well as a readily accessible retailer in Malaysia. To further enrich Malaysians' lifestyles, we strive to add value by building sustainably designed developments and providing affordable products.

Lim Seong Hai Group's BEST formula

Moving Forward

BEST ss.png

How BEST works?

With the four directors’ combined experience of 135 years in construction, property development, 
accounting and finance, machinery and engineering fields, Lim Seong Hai Group has been 
providing total solutions to many of our clients’ business difficulties based on our BEST Formula.






Blue Ocean Strategy

To leverage experience and knowledge in assisting clients to secure and manage tenders for infrastructure, building and property development projects from both the public and private sectors.

Enhancement Solutions for Finance

To connect clients to financial institutions and to assist clients in structured financing and cash flow planning in order to meet the financial requirements for the projects.

Sustainability, Made Affordable

To formulate sustainable business policies and project management directives for cost optimization.

Transformation and Innovation​

To recommend and source cost-effective materials, construction methodology and to propose suitable alternative designs with similar fit, function and safety to the clients.

The BEST formula practised by our directors has been in free service to our clients since 1995 in exchange for supply contracts to Lim Seong Hai Lighting Sdn Bhd and Knight Auto Sdn Bhd. Our recent LEAP listing by one of our subsidiaries - Lim Seong Hai Capital Bhd will provide to us another platform to introduce our BEST formula to a wider pool of potential clients, as well as recognising our directors’ 135 cumulative years of effort in managing the companies’ 26 years of track record.

En route to achieve our mission

  • Digitalizing our current operations

    • Transferring most of our operations to online shopping via creating shopping portals in our websites and subscribing to online shopping platforms, i.e. Lazada and Shopee.​

    • Creating a cloud-based platform for trading of building materials, linking site personnel, procurement and quantity surveyors for better tracking of materials and improvement in communication within the company

  • Expanding our target customers' reach

    • Currently expanding our physical stores to more areas i.e., Knight Auto’s upcoming branch at our HQ office - Wisma Lim Seong Hai.

  • Business opportunities and partnerships

    • Always on the lookout for new projects, be it government projects, partnerships or joint ventures. With more opportunities, we are able to expand our repertoire to achieve what we set out to become.

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